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FS Hoshi Tombo 6000 Wester/Kamisori ~6/8

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One of the most Famous brands of Japan. Famous for the great steel and tempering, HT can hold an edge for sooo long and give such a smooth shave that you will be in love (if you aren't already) of Hoshi Tombos.
The 6000 model is a delicate combination between the western scales razor style and the traditional Japanese kamisori grind.

The beautiful translucent Faux Tortoise scales come to tie in a true masterpiece of the Western and eastern traditions of razor making.. really a treasure for your collection. I wont lie, it's sad to let it go, but i have some important thing to cover and my loss is your gain

It comes shave ready (for my taste; that means, my beard, skin, shaving technique etc…), but maybe some more stropping is required for your taste. Honed on progression of Naniwas up to 12k and finished in SG20K. After honed and tested, the razor has been cleaned and disinfected, a thin coat of camellia oil has been applied to protect it, will be wrapped in VCI paper and will safely packed for the travel.

Shipping (to be covered by the buyer) to almost any country using EMS for expedite delivery (about 10 business days from shipping date to deliver at your country customs office) for only $15 to the US (ask me for other countries). Note: If you prefer, I can ship it for free without tracking number under buyer’s responsibility on F&F payments.

Shipping within 3 business days after payment. PayPal payment is expected within 24 hours after commit to buy the razor in this thread. Generally willing to hear reasonable offers. *Always happy to help grouping razors to reduce individual shipping costs!*. As with all Vintage razors, there could be small defects in the blade or scales, but all my razors’ edges are checked clear of any pitting or nicks, and scales are tight and close ok unless the contrary is specified.

Price: $150

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