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Horween Horsehide Is Back !

Tony Miller

Speaking of horse butts…
Got a nice shipment of veg tanned Horse Butt in from Horween late last week and and processing it now.

There is a nice variety in this batch with pieces that are slick, light draw and super fast, some with an eggshell finish and a nice light/medium draw and a few with a brushed, velvety feeling medium draw.

The eggshell finish, light/medium draw strops are listed for sale now and I should be cutting the other hides tomorrow and will add the other draw variations late afternoon.

I can make these up with cotton or genuine flax linen, D-ring grips, handles or my D-ring/handle combo grip.

I typically list 3" strops but can gladly make these up in 2 1/2" as well.

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