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Horn combs . . . Anybody ever use one?

I had read something somewhere about horn combs, so I went to my favorite shopping place, . . . eBay . . . and found one with the following description:

"Ox Horn combs are made of keratin which is very good for the scalp and which is the same protein that hair is made of so it elimates static and tearing."

On Classicshaving.com they state about one of their combs," . . . Whatever yours looks like, it (the horn comb) is sure to out-perform any other comb you've ever used. Since natural horn and natural hair are both comprised almost entirely of kerotin, the Natural Horn Comb does not generate static electricity and helps control fly-away hair. The smoothly rounded horn is kinder to both the scalp and hair, gently cleaning and polishing the hair with each pass."

So, has anybody used a horn comb? Does it live up to the hype? Is it worth the extra money?
Yes, I use a horn comb. I find it easier on my scalp because of the rounded teeth. The description regarding no static electricity is correct. I have never had it happen using that comb. Otherwise it's just a comb and does the same job a plastic comb does. I like the horn better because of the properties listed above. Whether it's worth the extra money is up to you.

Am in right in thinking that the horn comb is used with oils for your hair also? I believe that since it is essentially made of hair that the oils that preserve the comb are also excellent for your hair. I would love to know more about this if anyone knows...

Bear Hugs!

For anyone interested, I have found this e-tailer to have very fine products. They have a collection of reasonably priced hornware and some interesting 19th century recreation shaving goods. Reliable and trustworthy..
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