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Horn Beehive - dark Horse

Title says it, faux horn beehive with dark horse knot. 24mm knot in 1” socket which I use on most I make. Not glued yet and not washed/bloomed. Set pretty low since it is horse but not 100% on loft yet. Loft advice welcome.

Have a 24mm white horse knot I think I’ll make a twin handle in tortoise and have the horse twins. I have to admit I really have not spent any time using horse knots in the past so this is for fun and experimenting.

2BE36493-A15C-4EF0-879F-92FAC749B1C7.jpeg E62C063E-E449-4BCB-88E6-3E9CEE6EB83C.jpeg
Big time stunner. Used my high lofted horse just yesterday. Champion face painter, but still managed to face lather the soap stick I had applied. I guess it’s just preference, but a good painter is always fun.
If you're not sure on the loft I would suggest setting it with a dab of silicone for testing. That way you can easily remove and reset till you find the loft you like.
That's a great looking handle BTW.
Thanks guys. Was super fast like maybe 20 minutes or so on the lathe. I only use silicone, so all can come out if needed. Certainly good advice Mr GAW
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