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Honing a NOS Joseph Rodgers


Ask me about shaving naked!

I honed (and shaved) with one of the razors in the Tiffany set posted elsewhere.

My concern from the outset is that these razors and tools have survived in almost pristine condition for 150 years or so, and I was darned certain that they would not be marred by a ham-handed hobbyist (me). My criteria were that I did not make a wider bevel and did not produce wear on the spine. If I could not do this I would leave them unhoned. I also got a second opinion from our good doc, @Doc226 before I began.

The bevel angle measures 16.5 degrees, and I can up that a bit if needed based on what I know about English steel of this period. The maximum that I would want would be maybe 19 degrees, so I put two layers of Scotch and one layer of Kapton on it (19 degrees), inked the bevel and gave it a few strokes on a Shapton Glass HC 8k. The stone was hitting far out on the bevel at the apex, so I repeated this procedure with one layer of Scotch and one layer of Kapton (18 degrees), then with only Kapton (17 degrees). I determined that the initial try would be with the 18 degree option and old English steel is usually good with this angle.

It worked! I have a butterknife shaving edge with bevels about the same width as the originals. I’m very happy with the result. The bevel was set on a Shapton Glass HR 3k followed by a SG HC 8k. My ‘chocolate kiita’ JNat was the finisher.



Ask me about shaving naked!
The shine on that is stunning. Any idea of the age?

Yeah it is stunning. It has the ‘Union Square’ Tiffany stamp on the case, so it’s between 1870 and 1906. These are near-wedge razors so I’m guessing earlier rather than later. I’m going to contact Tiffany soon to for more information if they have it, to see about restoring the case, and if they happen to have a 4-1/2” Joseph Rodgers ivory button hook in the closet.
One feels a certain responsibility when working on items like this. I think Mr. Roger’s would have approved of your work. He might have even given you a job.


Ask me about shaving naked!
Thank you, I’d he making minimum wage in 1870s London. lol, not a pleasant thing.
That is a beautiful set and beautiful edge work by you.

I always think the craftsman that make fine and carefully crafted tools appreciate them them be used and appreciated for the quality of the tool, rather than gathering dust on a shelf as a shiny doo dad.

I still am learning on ebay specials, but you have inspired me what to watch for one of these days for a nice razor.

Congratulations and thanks for sharing. 👍
Thank you, I’d he making minimum wage in 1870s London. lol, not a pleasant thing.

You’d be making 30 shillings a week or £93 in todays money/$121.

Not bad for the time actually.

Only problem is that you’d likely be dead from silicosis by the time you were 40.

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