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Honing a Kamisori

I need some tips on honing technique for a kamisori. I am proficient honing western Straights because it is a symmetric blade. But the asymmetric profile of the My new (to me) kamisori is throwing me for a loop. Any one have a narrated video or tips on kami-honing technique? Any help would be appreciated.
Kami's were made that way..stamped sign should traditionally be used..to respect the makers markings...but both sides can be used just fine...12k and higher grit stones are the easiest way to hone em
Not trying to hijack the thread, but does one use a strop on these in between shaves? If so, are they stropped the same as a straight?


Wiped out at 25
Be careful to not apply pressure to the spine of the razor. Use your fingertips closer to the edge. The metal is very soft and you can hone the hollow out of the thing astonishingly quickly.

While any ratio works I prefer a 1:7ish ratio on the lower grits and as you move up your progression get it closer to 1:1.

It is my opinion that the reason for this ratio is to limit wear to the wedge side of the blade, since the soft metal will allow you to rehollow the blade, while the flip side of the blade is thinner and entirely hardened steel and would be more difficult to rehollow.
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