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Honing a Hejlestrand SE blade

This is not exactly straight razor talk, but I feel it is better to post here then under safety razors.

A month or so ago I got a Heljestrand SE razor PIFed, the razor is in great shape, but strop and the small handle for holding the blades when stropping is missing. All blades are included, some in bad shape but I feel that with some luck there might be hope for some of the others.

What is bugging me is how to hone them, from what I have seen on pictures of the handle used for stropping/honing these blades the handle grip around the spine of the blade, adding with to the spine when honing. If that is the case I would not be honing at the right angle if i try to manage without.
Looking at the spine of the blades I cannot see any wear form a hone, which partly support that theory.

Can anyone conform if that is the case, and if it might be possible to taping the spine to get the right angle?
I guess I migth be able to find out by painting the edge with a marker and after a little fine honing see if the marker is removed all over or only partly, but I prefer to ask here first.
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