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Hong Kong Tailors Thread

So the Savile Row thread finally got around to the Hong Kong scene, so I figured maybe a HKG thread for those of us who like it and those who want to go or those who just want to hear what it's all about? I searched but didn't find existing thread, if there is one, please let me know!

As i mentioned in the other thread, I do travel writing and have a series starting on the basics of HKG tailors here

Simpson Sin is a standby of mine for shirts, Lee Baron (Peter Lee) another favorite. Who does everyone else like?
Slight drift, but here in Singapore there are fewer and fewer tailors in business. I have all my work shirts, trousers and occasional suit made by this guy I have been using for a while now and he is closing his ladies' tailoring service, lack of demand because ready made is now comparatively cheap while ladies' tailoring is far from cheap - my wife wants a dress made for a wedding next month, having bought the fabric and we were quoted in excess of $400 Sing just to run up a frock!! No wonder they are a dying breed.
Does anyone have any experience with Monalo Tang?

Victor Lau of Monalo Tang reached out to us through our blog, and I am going to meet with them at the end of the month to do a little piece on their operation and outfit. Any background info would be great. Also, if anyone has any questions you would like me to ask, let me know.
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