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Honeybee soaps

I'm going to buy some after they respond to my question. I should have them pretty quick as they ship Priority Mail.
I could not resist so I ordered a three pack sampler of the designer scents. $6.95 for three soaps seems resonable to me. With Soap coming from Mamma Bear and now the Honeybee soaps, I had better stay of this forum for awhile.

I'll report back with my opinion after trying the Honeybee soaps.

I received the Honeybee soaps the other day and finally gave one a try this morning (http://stores.ebay.com/Honeybee-Spa-Soaps). I had ordered a sampler pack of three which included the scents of Old Spice, Very Sexy for Men, and Drakkar. The one I opened was the "Very Sexy for Men". I opened this one as I thought it would be the one liked the least and if I did not care for it, I would use it for a bath soap. Well, as it turned out this is a very nice sent that I found to my liking. As for the soaps shaving ability, it is great and second to none. Up until this time the Mamma Bear soap I had tried was the best to date, now I have a dilemma, Both the Mamma Bear and the Honeybee soaps are every bit equal in their ability to contribute to a very smooth and close shave which is enjoyable. Both also provide a fantastic lather with no effort. Keeping in mind that I have only tried one of each these were of completly different scents. It is hard to compare as to the strenght and/or lasting ability of the scents. Both are very nicely scented and enjoyable. Scents are also more of a personal thing anyhow, so each will have his own and varying opinion, but the shave of both is great with no discernable difference that I can detect. I also had no adverse reaction to either soap.

The Honeybee soap does not come with a plastic container as does the Mamma Bear soap. It comes wrapped and securly sealed in cellophane. Not being in a container must help keep the cost down and consequently the Honeybee soaps is also sold for less. You can get the Honeybee soaps for $2.50 each or a sampler pack of three for 6.95 plus shipping. This makes the Honeybee soaps less than half the price as the Mamma Bear soaps. This would not keep me from buying the Mamma Bear soap again though as I will be trying other scents. I do like a strong scent and I suspect Mamma Bear may have the advantage in that respect. Hard to judge without having like scents to compare.

The bottom line is that both soaps are excellent in my opinion and I will buy from each again. Keep in miind that I have not tried very much in the way of soaps since I have always prefered creams. I have not tried any of the soaps from QED, Classic Shaving or some of the other high end soaps, but I will say that after trying the Mama Bear and the Honeybee soaps, I now prefer these soaps over the creams.

Has anyone else tried the Honeybee soap? I would really like to get some other members opinion on these soaps to see what they think. I should also mention that Sue, (another Sue) is also very accommodating and pleasant to deal with.

Gave the Honeybee Bakkar scented soap a try this morning. All I can say is WOW, what a fantastic scent. Again the lather and shave were fantastic, what an exceptional soap. Whether it is the Shea butter, Vitamin E, or White China Kaolin Clay in the ingredients that make it shave so smooth, I'm not sure, but it sure does make for a smooth shave and leaves my facing feeling really great.

At the price these soaps can be obtained for, I will be giving other scents a try. Now to make room on my shelfs. Not to take away from Some of the Col. Conk soaps, but some of these will be regulated to bathing with just to make room for some more Honeybee shaving soap.

I got my soaps today and I think the scent right off the bat for me I did not like. I got the Mountain Mist, Oakmoss, and Lemon-lime. I will report back once I have used them some and tell you what I think.

BTW shipping was super fast and price was very cheap for the size you get.
I got my three today - Coconut, Oceania, and Vetyver. I think all three smell very nice. I was very nicely surprised by the Oceania. It smells just like Sue said it would. The Vetyver is a sweet Vetyver as explained by Sue. I think thats a good thing as this is my first experience with a Vetyver. I'll report back on performance shortly. I'm very much a Saint Charles Shave fan in terms of soap (a homer some would say). I hope the performance of the these are as good. If so, I'll be a very happy man. :biggrin:

We already had the Three T's, now we have the Three Sues.
I've used my Honeybee soaps for two days now. First impressions are that they lather easily, provide a close shave, and smell nice. My face feels great so the shea butter is moisturizing well. It took a little bit of experimenting to get the correct soap/water ratio for good lubricity, but reading the other reviews, I may chaulk that up to my hard city water. Two days of use and I've had zero irritation, which is saying a lot for me and my sensitive neck. You can't beat the price. Nice job Sue.

Also, Sue is another top-notch person to deal with. She answers emails quickly and even enjoys a little Red Sox talk.
Honeybee soaps were five of the eleven new soaps that came in the mail this week. I've just tried one (coconut). It smelled wonderful and made handfuls of thick lather for me. Great shave. Great value.

Just to update you on the Honeybee soaps, I shaved with the HB Amber as well as the Lavender again and really, really like the shave I have achieved with these soaps. I've been using a Swedish Gillette in a Merkur 1904. The only other soap I have been able to get to lather this well is Tabac. It is a great soap but several times more expensive. What I really like about the HB shave is that it was probably one of the closest shaves I have gotten to this point and my facial skin feels really different after using HB soaps. It's just smoother! And I love the texture of the lather this stuff produces. It's more of a wet, creamy lather instead of a foamier lather that some creams tend to produce. I am going to be ordering some more soon.

Thanks for the update on the Honeybee soap. I'm particularly interested on the opinion of others on the various fragrances as I will be ordering more shortly. I have been using these soaps now for about a month and absolutely love them. I just love the way they leave my face feeling smooth and moist with absolutely no irritation. I'm convinced that the shea butter is an exceptional soap. It has all the advantages of soap as well as a cream with none of the disadvantages of either. And all this at an extremely reasonable price. I believe I'll try the coconut and the vetyver next. I do love all the scents I have tried so far, especially the drakkar, but anxious to try others.

I ordered some of the Honeybee shower gel and had it sent to my daughter in Florida. I'm anxious to get a report back from her. Hopefully it is as good as the Honeybee shaving cream.

I've tried the coconut and will order it again. It's one of my favorites. Lemon-lime was not bad but I'm sure there are many smells that are better.
Vetyver is my favorite of the three I've tried. It's a toss up between Oceania or Coconut for second and third.
Some differences I've noticed:

The Honeybee product does not come in a plastic tub like Mama Bears does.

Shipping for a single puck of soap is $4.05, Mama Bear's is $4.50, but its far easier to combine multiple items though Mama Bears site than on ebay.

Honeybee Soaps are 3.5oz while Mama bear's is 4.0oz
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