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Honey I shrunk the Fili!

I've done some light restos on razors, this is probably the most ambitious I've gotten so far.

So, I got this razor on gentlemanly deals from Royce, after I was looking for something with a broken blade
to make a shorty.

Here's it's original condition with a Fili 14 for comparison:


I wanted to make a shorty for my Daughter's Boyfriend, who has stuck with a straight for shaving his non-bearded areas as he likes a sculpted beard. I thought "man, he'd probably like a shorty" - I wasn't *expecting* a fili, but when the opportunity presented itself, I got the razor from Royce. Notice the large notch in the blade. yep, that's going away.

I cut the blade carfully with my dremel and a cutting wheel, right after the break, and then ground it square, and went to
work with lots of sandpaper through lots of grits.. It's unfortunate the gold wash was in such good shape on this, but I couldn't keep it, it just looked bad after.

I had originally planned on trying to make some scales for this, but the cute little mini-fili scales that came with it just worked, I couldn't throw them out, so instead, I cut them down the 3/4 of an inch I took off the blade, and reshaped, redrilled, and re-pinned it.

Anyway, the result is adorable, and took an absolutely stupendous edge. I've left a sharp point because of it's intended
use for shaping around beard. I shaved with it.. it's real nice.. and its... Cute!


I'm not sure I wanna give it away! it shaves real nice!
Do any of the hobbyists sell shorties? I might be interested in a user grade one that's not quite that small. I just feel the long blades are a bit too much for me sometimes.
That is very cool. Well done and nice work. Only give it away if you get the BF's agreement to return it if he breaks up with your daughter! That is too cool to allow out of the family.
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