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Honemeister in Virginia Beach Area

Hey Guys,

Does anyone know of a honemeister in the VA Beach, VA area? I'd like to find someone to take my razor to rather than ship. Not that I couldn't ship it, but I like the idea of doing business face to face. Grace and peace!
I grew up in the VA Beach area. Sadly, I'm now living in SC. However, I agree with your idea of finding someone local to hone your razors. It's a wise move. Not because of the saved shipping costs, but because you'll learn a TON by simply watching (if they'll let you watch, that is). My first paid honing (~8 years ago?) was from a local member here, Simon Coully. He was kind enough to let me watch the whole process. I asked a lot of questions, and I learned a lot about the honing basics. Again, finding a local honemeister (a simple experienced honer will do; no need for the meister part as no meister would ever admit to being a meister, except for Livi of course) is a very wise decision. Good luck!

I live out in Suffolk. I by no means consider myself a honemiester, but I think I do okay. I haven't been honing long but have achieved some pretty good edges for me. I prefer not to deal with major geometry issues as I don't feel I have the experience to deal with them on someone else's razor. I have a handful of razors with geometry issues that I work on but they my razors and I'm not worried about messing them up. I would be happy to help you out if you would like, and honestly I would even feel right charging you beings no one else has ever tried my edges. Again, they work for me, may not be good for all.
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