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Honemeister in/near Boston?

Hello everyone. Does anyone know of any honemeisters near Boston? I would like to get my straight razor honed. I did find a shop that sharpens knives and was advertising straight razor honing, but I am not too stoked on that idea.

Any information is appreciated!
If the shop is Stoddards in Newton, they do a fantastic job on razors, believe it or not.
I know JP (JPCWON) is in the area, and while he's a great guy I can't directly speak for his willingness to help you out.
I'm also in Boston, and while I definitely hone my own razors and like my own edges, I don't consider myself "honemeister" status. That said, I'd be happy to help you out.


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I need to do a minor upgrade, bad enough. It’s been 10 years since I did the major remodel, but that’s holding pretty well. It does impact your schedule and life!

Have them do your honing room first Alfredo! :001_rolle
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