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FS Hone Type 15a, RazoRock MJ-90A, ATT M1/R1 plates

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Prices include CONUS shipping and PayPal fees.
All items in excellent condition.
No original packaging included.

SHIPPING NOTE: Our fair town has had no mail service — or, to be fair, UPS service — since getting sucker-punched by Tropical Storm Imelda (40+ inches of rain in some parts of the county). But today the sun is out and doings its thing, so USPS should resume normal operations early in the week ahead. . . Wish I could say the same for the lives of the many people affected by the catastrophic flooding.

Hone Type 15a
Anodized aluminum adaptation of award-winning Hone Type 15 brass razor
Weight 68g
Handle length 92.5mm
Includes stand
PRICE: $80 (retail approx. $130 depending on exchange rate)



RazoRock MJ-90A
RazoRock’s interpretation of popular DE89 head using stainless steel handle and aluminum head
Weight 90g
Handle length 90mm
PRICE: $16 (retail $30)


Above the Tie M1 and R1 plates + cap
Each piece is stainless steel
M1 = mild .25mm blade gap
R1 = medium aggressive .58mm blade gap
PRICE: $28 for each plate or cap (retail $58 each)
Note: I have two plates but only one cap. Cap not included with either plate but can be purchased separately.


Holler if you have any questions. Thanks for looking!

ATT R1 plate
ATT cap


Hone Type 15a
ATT M1 plate
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AVAILABLE (buyer mistakenly thought this was the brass razor — it is the aluminum):

Hone Type 15a $70
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