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Hone ID please

Got this off the bay, it was covered in oil and I cleaned it up a bit. It's natural. It appears to be a sedimentary stone of some kind. It's fine but not as fine as my coticules. It's old (the box had hand made brass hinges)
It's got some striations and is tan in color.
Any help would be appreciated, I have never seen anything like it.

All good questions. It's definitely not a finisher, but I think it's too fine to set a bevel. It's quite soft, as in it was very easy to lap with 220g paper.
I'll try to get a side view up later, I'm at the beach right now.
On of those India grave stone hones? (I dont remember what they are called). From pictures I have seen it looks very similiar. I have no idea as to what grit except it's a finer hone.
Here are a few more pics. Thanks for the help. I would doubt coticule as it was covered in oil and I thought coticules are not oil stones. I don't know much about hindostans but if you have a link to pictures of one that looks like this I'd appreciate it.

i use oil on my coti for finishing.... it works wonderfully....

i actually think that may be a coti.... does it slurry well???

could you wet the stone and take a photo of it in sunlight?? with slurry???
Doesn't slurry that well but I don't have a slurry stone and just rubbed it against my lapping plate a few strokes to get this.
Here's some shots in direct sunlight (plenty of it today in south boston)

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