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hone a shave ready razor?HELP!

Hello,everyone.I'm brand new to this forum.I love straight razor very much and I bought a JAPAN KIKUBOSHI 8300 straight razor recently.It's shave ready(very very sharp).I have a good time shaving with it.But I was wander: if one day it gets blunt(because of daily use),what kind of hone will I need to get it back to shave ready status?I have read many articles and many people recommend NORTON 4000/8000 and "barber hone".Unfortunately,I can't buy NORTON or barber hone in my country(I'm from Taiwan,in Asia!)But I can buy Japan Shapton ceramic hone.So here are the questions:
1.Which one should I get?
Shapton ceramic 8K? 12K? or any other suggestion?
2.Can I just get one hone?I don't want to get more hones then I need and I hope I can get just one hone.

Thank you~
I think you'd be okay buying green chromium oxide "Crox" strop paste and a balsa or paddle strop. Give it about 10-20 laps every week and you should be good for a long long time unless you drop it or damage the edge somehow
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