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Homemade Shaving Cream - Thoughts?

Hi all,

My wife and I are doing homemade gifts for our married friends this year. The little lady originally wanted to make a rum orange aftershave for the gents, but after I reminded her that aftershave is a very personal thing, she settled on homemade shaving cream instead. She found this recipe:


I've only used shaving soaps and Proraso Green, and I didn't care for the Green overmuch (not a pleasant smell for me). Has anyone tried a homemade cream before? Does this look like a cream that would lather well with a brush? One of our gentleman friends uses a brush and does a traditional wet shave, but the others don't and seem bemused by our mild obsession with the wet shave.

Thanks in advance!
Unlike a traditional shaving cream, this contains no soap.

So it will not lather. Basically it looks like a mix of raw oils, shea butter, and scent, mixed into something like an emulsion. But as long as you do not expect it to lather, it could still perform ok.
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