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Homelike straight razor

I have a Homelike Taiga DE razor and absolutely love everything about it. I came across this Beauty and had to have it. I hope it arrives sooner than later. Anyways my question is shouldn't I hone and use it? It has never been touched. Or put it away for a collector? Also does anyone know anything about it? I heard there was only 11 of them made and this is number 9. Any guidance would be appreciated.


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Hard to say from the photos if the razor looks like it’s shave-ready. When you have it in hand, look at the edge with magnification. Likely it will need at least a touch up on a finish stone to make shave ready.

As far as collectability, I have never heard of the brand and doubt it will be “highly” collectable.

Post some photos when it arrives.
Never heard of HomeLike. Why don't you address your questions to them about the shave-readiness of things as sent out from their end and work from there. Barring this, try the hanging-hair test to gauge the razor's edge out of the box for starters. If you are new to honing, I wouldn't suggest starting honing on a pristine razor like this one, to say nothing of it being a "limited edition," unless it is a bona fide RSO. Better to send it out to a reputable honer first.

Pics of the razor upon arrival would be helpful too.
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