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Home Sweet Home

I got frustrated and sold my str8 stuff today on BST. Nicked myself a good one with that damnable thing and I've sworn them off for good.

With that said the Safety Razor forum is officially stuck with .40.:biggrin:

Come to think of it. I've sworn other things off for good in the past...it doesn't always take.
I can't seem to manage a straight properly either.:redface:No great loss to me though,with so much D/E and S/E gear available.:wink::biggrin:Straight shaving is just not practical for me,and I don't fancy torturing myself for months attempting to get a decent shave with one.:smile:
40C I can't comment on the wisdom of swearing off straights as I am a DE only man, but your presence in the safety razor forum is very much welcomed!
Who needs a straight when you can have a Gem Junior Bar? I fully intend to master the straight but its pretty much going to be a weekend thing I love my SE razors to much to give them up.

There ain't nothing wrong with hanging out here in the safety razor forums.
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