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Home made VDH bay rum...

I had a partial puck of Susie's bay rum, and most of a puck of VDH glycerin, and needed a travel soap. I picked up a package of Glad mini storage bowls with lids at the grocery store tonight and melted the two pucks together in one of them. I'll test this new soap next week. I don't know how it'll work, but it smells good... :smile:
So I tried this concoction out this morning, and I have to report that it does fine. I got good lather with a minimum of work, and my until today unused silvertip travel brush did a good job with it. I got a nice shave with this soap...

Hm, maybe I've stumbled across something here... :smile:
this also works well with VDH deluxe and col conk bay rum. adding a dash of old spice really kicks things up a notch too.
I recently mixed together a puck of VDH with a puck of Ogallala Bay Rum and I'm pleasantly pleased with the results.

The scent is almost unchanged, the performance is still great, and I now have a whopping 7.0 oz of soap in my mug :thumbup1:


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I also did one of those supermix also with 3 different soaps... Worked out well...
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