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Home made Shave Butter


Shave butter and ingredients

First look at my home made shave butter. In recipe they suggest lavender oil but I’m an old hippy so I thought I’d try patchouli.

But I’ll be honest after one shave I’m not sold.
It was very oily; and although not the worst shave I’ve ever had cleaning my face ( and sink) of all the oil afterward was a bit of a pain.

Good clean shave though and maybe there’s a learning curve but it’s not like the shop bought stuff that I’ve found rather good.
I’ll keep at it and see what happens
Looks cool - never imagined that you can also make this at home! Thanks for posting and for keeping us updated!


I'm a Lumberjack.
Interesting project. Have you tried it again. I’m wondering if it will dry out easily.
Tried this cream again this evening. Still not convinced.
I’m not saying you can’t shave with it but it doesn’t work for me.
It’s very oily and seems to offer little protection to my skin.
The cream itself will be ok to moisten my hands after doing the garden, I’m sure.
I also find myself wondering if I really want to go down this line at all.
I rather like the ritual of lathering up in my nice wooden bowl.
It’s nice to take the time to shave. After a day of dealing with Joe Public it’s nice to have the space to just be on my own and have some me time.
So. Some people may like it and I won’t say never again but I’ve tried it twice and it’s been worthwhile trying but: Naahh! I’ll go back to me soap and brush
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