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Holy grail razor

I'm torn between my 65 slim and my 1918 single ring each with a feather.it could go either way😂 lol....i find i do like the open comb for head shaving a whole lot more!!
Three years since I snagged this guy in NOS condition, and it is still my end game. Gold Canadian Big Boy:

I use this exact razor and love it for its smoothness and amazing number of shaves per blade.
I now look for fav vintage blades to pair with it 😊
Amen brother. Id sell every Wolfman i own before the 2020 Sailor left the den.

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Right on, brother. I would do the same. Your collection is highly desirable and drool worthy, by the way. 👍
Yeah baby! Welcome to the club. Is yours V1 or V2? I do love the OC and SB options with V1. I was a little disappointed that they didn’t carry that over into V2 but oh well.

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V2, and yeah wish it came with open comb. But it’s so efficient as a solid bar (yet smoother than a tech, like a Mamba), I don’t think it actually needs the open comb. Would be nice if he sells it as a separate plate in the future, I would buy it for sure.

But on the flip side, I like short handles, and v2 has a shorter handle then v1. Also is v1 all titanium or just the handle? V2 is all titanium.

I promised myself I would only buy the stainless model because I found the price for the Ti version too high, but I was so blown away by the stainless one that after shaving with it for a week I bought the Ti too. I just used it today. It’s amazing, they both are.

That’s how much I like it, I bought it in both metals. The B&B way: when faced with a choice, just buy both...

Still 14 titanium models in stock of what is sure to be a collector unless homelike ramps up production in the future—and they should, they have the quality to take the market with their stainless model, a larger run could no doubt get their costs down to sub timeless et al. prices.

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You ever used a Timeless 95? Not much different but, to answer your question...just like any other razor I use. I rotate the head 90d and go nose to ear, and then ear to nose. Both directions using the end of the blade. No problem on my end.

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I tend to be a scooper, but i will rotate the razor just on the sides. I don't generally like to pass XTG the entire length of the philtrum.
I tend to be a scooper, but i will rotate the razor just on the sides. I don't generally like to pass XTG the entire length of the philtrum.
Scooper ya say? I've no idea what that means. I had to look up philtrum...and no, no XTG, across that span. To it, and from it only.

I get your aversion to the photo of the 2021 Sailor. My initial reaction was similar. In fact, a friend texted me the first photo I saw cause he knew I had all the other Sailor models. My reply was "at what point does the head size become cartoonish?"

Then, I took some time to study the curve of the head. At the time, Murat was not sure that model would come to production. He made 4 prototypes. I bought one based on the notion that if I could successfully wield a T95, I could manage the Sailor. Quite pleased I have been. After having it in hand, there is little difference in the 21 Sailor dome profile (guard to guard via dome peak) and a Wolfman WR2 believe it or not. Which explains why it shaves like an almost infinitely adjustable WR2. All in one very heavy yet incredibly balanced piece of equipment. Its sexy too.

Yep...best overall razor in my den. If you can get past the size and weight, it is a crazy good razor.

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