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Holy grail razor

I know cheap (qshave/mingshi) Chinese build upon the legacy of the merkur futur
But for me
It shaves effortlessly close and comfortable
Is not a one blade razor but plays very nice with lots of different blades.
And I prefer long and heavy.
Affordable to replace

But ask me next week things might change because there is an occam oren in the mail.... taxes and shipping were more than the razor


Above The Tie Stainless

I have the full setup with M1, M2, R1, R2, H1, H2 and the Slants S1, S2.

A pair of Handles in the Atlas and Kronos variants and I'm set for life.

Absolutely the best razor I've ever tried. Not cheap for sure but when it's this good it's an investment for life. I've barely touched anything else since. My Feather AS-D2, Rex Envoy and Tatara Masamune just stay in their boxes unloved.
This is probably the least sexy "If you had to pick ONE to live with, what is it and why" confession you'll read today but for me it's the humble Merkur 42C....

It's just so damn comfortable and when paired with a Kai blade, a 2 pass irritation free BBS shave is within easy reach.

Weber Polished Head on a Bulldog Handle. It's like a Gillette Tech on steroids. Plenty of blade feel, yet relatively mild and very smooth.
Luckily none, I randomly pick one from the current stash. Maybe a toggle found in the wild would be a grail, but not for the qualities of the razor but the extremely low chance of finding one locally.
Pearl Shaving Flexi.
For me it's the better Rex. For me it shaves much better than the Rex.
Second Place goes to Rockwell 6s

Gesendet von meinem Redmi Note 8 mit Tapatalk
I’m a huge fan of this razor. I find it a little less efficient than the Rex but smoother. You can’t beat it for the money!
If it was truly a pick one, all or nothing, do or die, never go back, I would honestly go with my 1947-50 Gillette Tech with 2 shims. Great comfort, great efficiency, smooth with no biting, and works great on both face and dome. I hope to be as strong and reliable a performer as this razor at 75 years old.
I am with Hannes and Sukeroku. No one is above or equal to the 1930s Aristocrats. This is the way :001_wub:

Picture from today - gorgeous spring day doing fun stuff!

View attachment 1253189
Looking at that bevy of beauties, I am glad that I have shifted my focus to SR's. Otherwise, my RAD would be in breaking out in hives about now and my wallet would be hiding under the sofa. Cheers to you, Peter!
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