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Hoffritz/Simpson Classic #2 & lathering

Wow. Is this thing soft!

I bought this Hoffritz branded brush from Steve, who may have more brushes now than Peter...



Steve’s description:
“Vintage Hoffritz/best badger... Most likely a rebranded Simpsons.”
In fact, I believe it is a Simpson Classic #2 (it has two rings) (107 above Hoffritz...anyone familiar w/Simpson's old numbering system?)

Approx height: 82.5 mm
Approx knot: 26 mm
Handle height: 38 mm
Bristle loft: 44.5 mm
Grip ring: 32 mm

Simpson’s BEST hasn’t looked this good in a WHILE. Today it would be a genuine silvertip.

The first time I tried to shave with it today - I got nowhere. Barely enough lather to leave a thin film on my face. So... I came here and did a little research on lathering.

First, my daily brushes are a Savile Row 208 and a Rooney Med. Super. These brushes whip up lather in mere seconds. Nothing to it.

With a small brush like the Classic I had to sling almost all the water out of it before I started. Then I began to swirl and pump the cream - keeping all the remaining water from sloshing over the sides of my bowl.You need all the water that's left in the brush and this thing wants to send water and lather all over the room.

The results: enough lather to shave 3 men. :cool:

I conquered another brush...
Here is the brush wet:


I worked up lots of lather in seconds this morning using QED Violetta shaving soap. Nothing to it once you get the water ratio right. This brush holds a lot more water than the brushes next to it. Surprised? They are all in the 24 to 26mm range.

other observations:
1) it takes forever for this brush to dry.
2) it's a little awkward for me - the handle is too short and fat or something. (I cannot imagine using a Wee Scott!)
3) There isn't much information out there on these that I could find.
4) I like this little brush and plan to use it exclusively for a few days. It may be a keeper. It's cool, anyway.

In case anyone is interesed--Lee's Razors sells the modern version of this brush:
"The Classic CL2 in Best Badger $119.00
Have to order from England- 3 week delivery minimum" ...and, just as advertised in the Simpson catalog, there is a storage case available for this brush for an extra $10. He can get you that, too.
I haven't checked with Em but she can probably order these.
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