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HJM Brush

Has anybody ever heard of an HJM brush?. It is a Hans Jurgen Muller brush. When you google it, it comes up that it is from the Muehle shaving company. It is pure bristle. I was just curious if anybody had any thoughts about this brush, especially since it comes from a known shaving company. I'm always looking for a bargain :wink:
You can get it in some german drugstore chains. The pure badger is the starter brush of a lot of people here in Germany when they start wet shaving. Quite good for about 10 EUR.
Some look like this:

or this


pic is from an ebayseller, hope this is ok

There is also a soap from hjm. Haslinger used to produce that one, no idea who is it nowadays.
That is interesting about them having pure badger brushes in the same named line. The ones I have seen, also on ebay, are boar bristle. I wish they were pure badger at the price they have! :001_tt1:
They are $12.25 including shipping. Not really different in price than the Omegas. I have also seen some Edwin Jagger in bristle around the same price point as well. I knew the Muhle had the other brushes. I didn't know they had so many others in this HJM line. Very interesting.
A Muhle/HJM in Pure was my first brush ever. They make great brushes, I loved mine.

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