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Hive Brush give away.

Very nice PIF! Since I recently won a PIF, I will stay out of this one. @Atlantic59 made a good point in another PIF thread, makes for a little more work, but certainly not much.

Make a list starting at #1 and only put post numbers from those who are in for the PIF, exclude those of us not in. Then draw from the line numbers only. That way those not in do not dilute the results.

This is very kind of you! :thumbup:
To be fair, put the usernames of the people who are "in" on a list (not post numbers). This way, you do not count duplicate entries with the same username. Everyone who is "in" has an equal chance to win.

This also removes people who are not "in" from the selection pool, as you wrote.

Congratulations to the Razorock bee hive synthetic brush(eye candy), that is a nice soft brush and has a luxury feel to the face.
I have a similar knot in another brush and I enjoy it a lot.
Nice PIF......already have one so not in. Just a wanted to say that this is a great brush. It is soft, but has enough backbone to perform well. I use it regularly along with my Stirling and PAA synthetics.
It came in today! Lovely brush and I look forward to using it. Thank you again!
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