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Historic, functional scents in shaving products

Having searched the forums for a while I've not seen this come up before.

I've discovered Razorock Plague Doctor which claims to be based on the recipie for what was put in the beaked nose cones of those doctors tending to plague victims, in the belief that the smell would protect them.

Did anyone know of any other historic scents/fragrances that had a function over just smelling nice, which are used in shaving products today?

I guess Bay Rum kinda counts, but wondering if there are others?
I wanna say 4711 is the original "cologne" or Kolnwasser. It was invented in the early 18th century to smell nice, and was often dribbled on handkerchiefs by the wealthy as they walked down the street, guarding against unhealthy odors. Or maybe just unpleasant ones.

I know that during the black plague, the pope was surrounded by burning incense, likely frankincense and or/myrrh, to keep away the deadly smells. They likely did work to keep away the fleas that spread the plague. He never got it.

The greatest minds of the day theorized that the plague came from the dead. They thought that a huge battle had occurred on the steppes of Eurasia. The bodies had laid there unburied, and high winds had carried the unhealthy odors into Western Europe. They had the connection between carcasses, disease, and odor; just not regarding microorganisms.

I don't know of any other functional scents in and of themselves. Frankincense is an excellent ingredient for the skin. It's tendency to tighten up after the solvent alcohol evaporates makes it great for skin tightening and closing wounds. It also has great antiseptic properties. The same goes for balm of Gilead, made from terebinth. I haven't tried it, but I've seen it for sale. I believe many tree resins have similar qualities. There are also birch sap aftershave balms that have nutrient qualities. I personally use a few post shave oils; one with a a frankincense base and one with pine, cypress and cedarwood. They're more soothing than just the oil by itself.

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Hm, did I read the original Pinauds had bug repellent in them? Not citronella but something else ...

Because. People had bugs. (itch, scratch)



Function?? Nothing currently that I can think of.

Having said, Toilet Water had a real function back in my day!!

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I would say Florida Water. It is purported to be used for spiritual cleansing practices and for a variety of other air-purifying/spiritual/metaphysical/voodoo/witchcraft/spell-casting/ancestral worship purposes.

I just use it as an aftershave/cologne because of the lightly spicy orange/lemon/lavender scent. I wouldn't testify as to its effectiveness for any of its other uses, but it is mighty refreshing as a splash on a hot day.

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