Highlands joined us this evening!

Discussion in 'Stone Cottage Shaving' started by MilfordNJGuy, Oct 9, 2018.

  1. MilfordNJGuy

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    I've been waiting for days to get to create this new scent "Highlands" for our Stone Cottage Premium Shaving Cream! It is one of my happiest creations and I hope that you enjoy! It is our 20th New Scent!

    Highlands – High on a hills in the Highlands is Heather growing amidst the Hay nearby and the hives of bees filled with Honey ready to harvest. Here, Heather, Hay and Honey are combined to create a fragrance which is handsome, harmonious and heavenly!

    It is currently available in our Sample Packs! ENJOY!

    Shaving Cream Sample Pack
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  2. Snurgblat

    Snurgblat Contributor

    This sounds great too. Are you over 30 scents now? One could do a solid SCS month with a different soap/cream each day!
  3. MilfordNJGuy

    MilfordNJGuy Vendor

    Actually, you could do 43 days using a different one every day! Hmmmm... I just came across the formula for "Coconut Holiday"....
  4. MilfordNJGuy

    MilfordNJGuy Vendor

    Now we're at 52 so one could use a Stone Cottage Premium Shaving Cream every week for a YEAR!
  5. Snurgblat

    Snurgblat Contributor

    That's got to be a record!!
  6. MilfordNJGuy

    MilfordNJGuy Vendor

    Ya think? What will I make today?.....Hmmmm...

    Sorry, Snurgblat I am not really that familiar with current aftershave products to be able to answer that!

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