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High power microscope images of bevel and edge

@Hazmat with the proportions, X50, image which 1mm side by side, this means that your your bevel is about 100µm wide....
The width of the bevel is about 1/10 of the width of the image.
Are you sure the image is 1mm side by side?
I was wrong. about 100x pic and here is a pic of a mm ruler I just took. So about 2mm.
My apologies. I was off a bit.
But the OP's pics are much better quality and accurate than mine. No comparison. I was just showing what can be done at home with a pocketful less money. And I don't know how to do the math. I just eyeball it. LOL.


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Here is an example of an edge that I give 9/10. my shave tonight. synth finish but I wouldn't say which one you don't believe me. Steel : C135.... Of course :love-struck:
shave du jour.jpg
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You are not far, congratulations
8K Naniwa SS + 10 palm stropping BUT I confess, I made the 8K by controlling with the dinolite instead of my usual magnifying glass. therefore it is a very optimize finish.
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Here is a approx. 900 x image of a shapton pro 30k edge on a Dovo after 7 shaves. This edge is sharp and really smooth. It has been stropped on leather before and after each shave.
The razor was cleaned with alcohol, but there seems to be some lint on the edge.
The razor seems to be holding up quite well.

Shapton pro 30k jpg.jpg
My contribution to 2 cents.
Here are images of two microscopes: mustool 1200 and dinolite X900 with the same blade feather pro gard which helps in understanding proportions and measurement scales.
- The first is mustool 1200 at mini magnification with a measuring standard.
- The second is with mustool 1200 at max (about X100)
- The third with dinolite medium magnification for ease of focusing (I use most often) With measurement of the width of the image and the average diameter of a beard hair)

View attachment 1554933

AT X100 the width of the image is about 2mm
View attachment 1554934

Dinolite with automatic measurement
View attachment 1554935

If you want to image a Feather blade, it works better if you clean it first. The apex is coated in some sort of fluoropolymer compound. I used acetone and Kimwipes a few times in succession to clean this one, still have some particulates. This is a Feather Pro at 1,000x optical mag, DIC brightfield and darkfield.


Very nice image in x1000 of the feather where you can clearly see the edge.
I voluntarily use a new blade with its grainy coating to show that it is not necessary to have a mirror polished bevel to have an excellent smooth cut. This blade is very often used only once by professional barbers in asia and elsewhere
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