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High On The Crack

Yeah, yet another MWF posting. Picked up a refill of this under the Kent label at a small local pharmacy last week. (That in itself is surprising - I'm not exactly living in a cosmopolitan centre.)

Found I had the usual complaints with this soap - airy, fast drying lather etc. - but persevered with it and was rewarded in a big way. After a couple of days I noticed the puck developing a network of fine, shallow cracks on the surface and WOW did the quality of the lather change after that happened. I suspect that these cracks let the water work better when I pre-wet the soap and it makes, as you dedicated MWF users know, for one of the best lathers I've ever enjoyed. (This coming from an inveterate cream user.)

There are lots of negative posts on this soap out there. I'd encourage users to break the puck in well before coming to a final judgment. And my thanks to those who've extolled the virtues of "The Fat." Your words led me to keep working with this one. The pay off is terrific.


I didn't experience any of the issues w/ MWF. I guess that's because I grated it and put pressed it into another container before I started using it. I have noticed that it's now more "together" since it's been wet a couple of times.
I noticed the same type of cracks in my puck after a flight to Chicago. At the time I thought it must have been the depressurized luggage department to blame.
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