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High end razors worth the hype?

It depends. If you want a razor that will last the rest of your life, theyre worth it. I love my Timeless and before that I had an ATT that was awesome, although I didnt like how short the posts that hold the blade are.
Second time since my post I saw Timeless mentioned. That was the one I most recently considered, too. Lol.

I might need to consider it some more. The 'specs' are confusing to me, though. If I were to jump in with a Timeless, I would need to do some research... I'm a mild shaver (Rockwell 2-3). That time to research is my weapon to combat impulse buying.

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My Timeless Titanium 0.68 is mild and smooth. For someone that likes a mild razor, it is great. I shave approximately 365 days a year and can only say that the Titanium makes a comfortable shaver even more so with its indescribable soft face feel.
My opinion is that from a quality of shave standpoint the high end $200 and up razors aren't worth it. From an aesthetic standpoint maybe. Just depends on your point of view and personal tastes.

For me personally my game changer is as good as any razor period.
I know people that would not bat an eyelid buying a $1,000.00 phone that would be used for a few years.
A quality razor can last several lifetimes.
Ive tried a lot of razors over the past few years and never spent more than $80 on a DE razor but ive always thought about buying a nice high end razor.

Are they worth the hype?

Any recommendations?

Looking at the Blackland Dart and the timeless.

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It all depends on the razor design and how well it works for you. For example I bought a paradigm 17-4 that people were raving about. It didn’t agree with me and I couldn’t get a good shave with it. But I could get a all around better shave from a Gillette slim twist. So no that razor was not worth it to me.

Then my girlfriend bought me a Rex Ambassador and even on setting 2.5 I get the closest most comfortable shave(almost BBS) without any irritation or cuts. Even at 250 the fact that it work so well for me makes it worth the money.

Even then the vintage Gillettes at 20 bucks will get you almost a good a shave as the expensive ones. That’s my opinion and some people disagree but oh well.
Having owned/used a bunch of razors during my 72 trips around the Sun (I am seriously due for some cosmic 'Air Points'), I can agree with those who said 'buy quality', and those who said 'Timeless'.
I enjoy using my SS Timeless .68 OC. Very well made (but do get the 'Polished' version).
Don't let the OC part worry you. The Timeless design is very smooth and forgiving.
Lovely razor to own and use.
This did not stop me from ordering a SS Karve with SB #C and #D plates though (currently winging their way to me in New Zealand right now).
Then I really needed to order a Wolfman WR2 1.15 OC as well.
The point is...you can't have too much of a good thing (can you?).
Spend the money. Get a polished Timeless .68 OC with scalloped cap and be happy (check out their 'Scratch & Dent' section for cheaper deals. These parts are from returned razors and offer a discounted price. I bought a SS stand and .95 OC plate from there. No problems...these pieces absolutely looked like new).
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I think it's worth it if you can buy one or couple and stick to those for a long time.

However for me, I don't think I can do that. Once I obtain a great razor, I always look for another unique one. I'm not really looking for a holy grail because I have multiples that give me great shaves. However, I do enjoy the variety of razors out there.

I'm sticking to reasonably priced razors and even now, I am beginning to enjoy the ones that I have. I do have a GC68 on the way but that was something in my wishlist for a while. After that, I'm hoping to just go through my rotations without being tempted by all the razors out there.
Perhaps with a little patience you may find what you're looking for in the BST, etc. I've found several razors I was looking for over the last 6 months on BST: GC.84, Mamba 70, Brass Karve, R41 and a 6S on ebay. I'm not looking for a $200+ razor - yet. As well if whatever you buy doesn't work for you the BST is one way to get some of your money back.
What I like about our shaving community is the honesty and self-deprecating humor, the lack of snobbery and general sense of humility when it comes to using products as extension of our ego and social status. In other hobbies people stick to their snob guns and easily get offended, expecting praise simply because they purchased something.
It depends. If you want a razor that will last the rest of your life, theyre worth it. I love my Timeless and before that I had an ATT that was awesome, although I didnt like how short the posts that hold the blade are.
Looking at my vintage razors, they will last a life-time (seeing that they are in the 80 - 100 year age already) and more as well.
Maybe. It depends I guess. However it's always a thrill to take the prettiest girl to the prom, but it's quite a let down when you get there and she can't dance a lick.
Are they worth the hype?

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Absolutely! My experience with high-end razors is limited to a brass Karve for 85 USD, and a GC68P and a GC84P for 55 USD each. When you consider the performance, craftsmanship and the fact that you can separately buy multiple plates for each of these razors, they offer great value.

If the Blackbird is as good as everyone says, I would say yes to this as well. We are living in the second golden age of shaving. To not enjoy these great razors is just foolish when you consider the performance and lifetime to cost, and the fact that these razors retain some of their value. And as many have said, collecting a few razors is cheap in the grand scheme.

I will close with the GC84P is hard to beat if you are looking for a new efficient razor. The GC68P is a great choice if you are looking for an irritation-free razor, but you will need to work a bit harder and if you have a thick, tough beard you may struggle to get as close a shave as with the GC84P.

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Ive tried a lot of razors over the past few years and never spent more than $80 on a DE razor but ive always thought about buying a nice high end razor.
My Gamechanger .84 and Mamba .70 shave as good or better than my Timeless Ti or SS, ATT or Feather.

In the end only you yourself can decide if you want to spend the extra cash on a razor. Performance wise there really is no reason to IMO. YMMV of course.
The nice thing about Timeless and Blackland is you can try it and if you don’t like it in 30 days you can return it.
Yes, you can! I don't think it applies to their scratch/dent stock which would be an as-is purchase. For a nominal restocking fee you can try and return within 30 days. Another catch is that it may have to be a direct purchase through Timeless itself. So if you buy a Timeless through another vendor, like Maggards, it may not be applicable.
Directly from the Timeless website

30 DAY RETURN POLICY ON ALL RAZORS purchased from Timeless Razor only; minus $10 return fee to cover our shipping costs.