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FS High End Razors and Soaps (Timeless,Blackland,REX,ATT,RockwellGD,BM,DG etc..)

Hi All,

Selling a bunch of shaving stuff that I've built up over the last few months, really need to prune my collection down. Prices all INCLUDE shipping within the ConUS, sorry no international shipping. Feel free to send me offers as well, willing to work a nice deal for someone buying multiple items together. Everything in is great condition with very minimal use overall.

Timeless Bronze SB and OC - $110.00
Rex Envoy - $100.00
Blackland Dart Machined - $75.00
Rockwell 6s - $70.00
Fatip Piccolo and Schone Grande (sold together) - $30.00
PAA Open Comb Slant - $15.00
ATT SE1 head - $35.00


Soaps (and Wee Scot)
Wee Scot (used 5-6 times, lost 1 hair) - $20.00
BM Waves (used twice) - $12.00
BM Leviathan (used 4 times) - $12.00
DG Yuzu Rose Patchouli (brand new!) - $14.00
DG Massacre of the Innocents (used twice) - $13.00
GD Aion (brand new!) - $28.00

Below are all sold

BM Waves
Timeless Bronze SB and OC
Wee scot and paa slant
Att se1

Things that are left
Piccolo and Schone
Bm Levitation
Rex Envoy
GD Aion
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