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FS High End Brushes: Simpson Chubby Silvertip, Morris&Forndran, Brad Sears, and a "START".

I really hate to do this, but I have to sell some of the best brushes in my den (and a START razor) in order to fund some stuff that I want to acquire.

I will post a limited number of pictures, and you are welcome to ask for more if you so wish.

1) Simpsons Special Edition Chubby-2 Two-Band "Silvertip" Badger (faux Ivory). BRAND NEW

Overall brush height - 94mm
Handle height - 44mm
Knot loft - 50mm
Knot diameter - 27mm

Currently unavailable from the vendor, the price on the Simpsons site was £274.00 (or £242 minus VAT.) That is 338$ USD that I've paid.
This is the most luxurious brush in my den, and since I've bought it I couldn't bring myself to actually use this beauty, only feeling it against my formerly handsome face. Offering it for 270$ including shipping.


2) Morris&Forndran 2XL 2-Band Finest badger. BRAND NEW

28mm knot
48mm loft

A brush that was handmade in UK by the legendary Lee Sabini.

Currently unavailable (as far as I know). I've paid 210$ + 15$ shipping from the UK.
Again, BRAND NEW, never used. In original condition.
Offering it for 175$ including shipping.



"CHS" model 28mm 3-Band Super Badger Bulb (Butterscotch).
BRAND NEW, never used. Another example of me only admiring its qualities against my face.

The brush was a custom project from Brad, with the shape of the handle slightly different from his regular "CHS" model. Beautiful butterscotch color (in my opinion at least).

Brad describes this knot like that: "The 3-band Super Badger offers a face feel that is simply described as "lush". We believe our Super Badger presents a nearly ideal balance of backbone, softness and density."

Bristle loft: 52
Handle height: 52
Total height: 104

I've paid 220$ + 8$ shipping for this brush. Asking for 165$ including shipping.



4) Homelikeshaving.ru "START" razor with 1.18 blade gap in Satin Finish. BRAND NEW in box. Never used.
I paid 75$ + 24$ Shipping.
Asking for 64$ including shipping.

You are welcome to send me a PM with any kind of question you might have.
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