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Hi newbie here

Yes SAD is sadly a side effect of being here and wet shaving -.- I started off with one soap a brush a razor now I have 15 yrs worth :\ yeesh..some here have multiple lifetimes of soap 😂but as long as everybody has fun you only get one
Hi everyone I wanted to make an official new person thread. I have already learned so much and love the forum. Certainly have to be careful about over buying.

I have only been using DE for like 6 months. Started with Vander Hagen set to see if it was better than cartridge. It was. Then I bought a brush and 100 blades from Amazon. I got Vander hagen puck from grocery store.

I tried a new blade every day. Voskhod was my favorite. It was mostly great shave. Felt uncomfortable to hold though and butterfly would open.

Then I bought feather ASD2 cause I could feel myself wanting to buy stuff and just wanted that to see.

I am glad I bought it. It's perfect.

Now I am going to try soaps and brushes.

I will probably ask lots of questions.

I’ve been shaving with DE safety razors for 8 years but I feel like I’m still a newbie.

The gents here have been fantastic and full of knowledge, any question you have someone will be able to point you in the correct direction. ☺️
LOL, I will just let others answer your questions, as I have all the wrong answers! Unless it's about Arko, I know all anyone needs to know about Arko. It is perfect.
I am big fan of arko my self checkout my arko collection but I only like arko performance among them. I still haven't used sensitive and comfort though. Any suggestions regarding any other cream or soap like arko performance.especially in Turkish brands like derby


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