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Hi Guys

I recently (6-7 weeks ago) started shaving with a safety razor for some reason the plastic disposable ones were not doing the trick any more plus once you are set up it is much cheaper and you are getting a better shave, I started of with a Muhle R89 trying various different blades but still having a hard time of it (poor results) I moved on to a Muhle R41 now using Voskhod blades, the R41 was so much better and I am getting a good smooth shaves although my coarse stubble takes the best out of the blade in two shaves, I tried out Feather blades and they are pretty good but only good for three shaves after that they become scratchy and rough on my skin, the cheapest I can get Feather blades is $64.99 (NZD) per one hundred does any one know somewhere I can get them cheaper?
I recently discovered a trick to get a smoother shave, after you have finished your shave with the soap and brush wash your face with hot water and use regular shaving gel I don't mean the stuff in a can the gel that comes in a big tube, I have found the gel lets the blade come closer to your skin, it starts off a little thick but after you have rinsed the shaver off a couple of times and re-wet your face the gel becomes more slippery and much thinner allowing you to get the hairs you would normally miss, the gel I used is King of Shaves sensitive.
Hi Everyone,
Thank you for your replies and welcomes, I have tried Nacets and Astras while they are nice and sharp to start the sharpness doesn't last very long, I haven't tried Gillette Silver Blues I have heard Gillette blades are good.
Some parts of my face are pretty much imposable to shave down (smooth) to the skin at times it's like trying to shave a file, I read somewhere that mens' beard hair is comparable to copper wire in strength and hardness, I believe it.
At the moment I am switching between Voskhod and Feather blades, Voskhods are sharp and durable while Feathers are just plain sharp, I work on reduction from with, across and against the grain using little pressure, too much pressure seems to push the hairs away from the blade as well as not doing your face any favours as a alum block will confirm.
I do enjoy the ritual of the safety razor shaving it's a little bit of me time with a result that I can be happy with for the rest of the day.


The Lather Maestro
Welcome! Good luck with your blade search! Three or four shaves are all I get out my blades, normally. When using my usual Gillette 7 O'Clock Super Platinum blades (blacks), I change blades on Monday and Thursday, which gives me 3 per blade if I take a day off on the weekend, and 4, at most, if I do not. Some prefer the yellows, believing they are sharper.

It takes a while to find "your" blade, but you'll know it when you do! Good luck!


I could get a few out of a blade but I usually just toss them out after one shave they are so cheap you just can (but don t have to) the more you get out of each the less of them you will need to buy and it makes it even cheaper to shave
I'm not sure what blades are available for a good price in NZ. You might like the BIC Chrome Platinums. Not too far away from the Feather but will last much longer. Try a tuck, see what you think.
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