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Hi from New York City


More Deep Thoughts than Jack Handy
Hello, City! It's me...Country! Welcome aboard! Hope you have a good experience with the razors you have on order.

Happy Shaves!
You are braver then me is all I can say! You wouldn't get me near a safety razor or straight razor. I've heard all the horror stories of those who have cut their faces so bad they look like Franksteins monster, I don't want to tempt fate. So, this is my way of saying, you are very brave, and awesome. So I wish you good luck. And also, one more thing.................Welcome to Badger & Blade :)
I add my welcome to B&B! As Kyle89 wrote, Pasteur Pharmacy at 53 East 34 Street is one of the best shops in the world to see (and smell, the soaps at least) an amazing selection of shaving soaps, creams, aftershaves, balms, blades, and more. Those of us in New York are really fortunate to have this wonderful shop. Let’s support it when we can by shopping in the store or on-line.
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