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Hi from Hungary


I thought I post an introduction before getting lost on B&B.
I am from Hungary, and a newbie in classic shaving. I've seen a video of Geofatboy during Christmas reviewing a DE razor, yet the idea to try that came from my wife. You could do this - she said. (Now typing this I realize that she starts me doing things I love. After a friendly gig where I joined a band singing a couple of songs she asked why didn't I go to a singing teacher. Which I did, and love both the lessons and the gigs I did ever-since.)
So I started this January, however the stores in Hungary won't cherish the wet-shaving enthusiast. I bought a black plastic Wilkinson safety razor, a Balea brush (Rossmann brand) - I got rid of them after my first real shopping.

Since I got some usable HW and SW, wet-shaving, its object culture, the ceremony, the style completely caught me. Shaving turned from some mandatory but hated thing into a relaxation I can't wait every other day.

They say classic shaving is way cheaper than using the cartridges and plastic foams. I hope it will be true, when the urge to buy new and new stuff will cease. Currently I own:
-Muhle R89 and a Parker 98r DE razors,
-Muhle something basic, and a red Proraso sandalwood soap
-plus a trial pack of a small Hungarian manufacture in incredible scents: Barber Shoppe, Sands of Morocco, Bay Rum just to name a few. I might write more about this, as it can be interesting, (great quality, inexpensive, etc) however I dunno yet if it is acceptable on this forum, or regarded as advertising
-Green Proraso pre
-Some alum blocks
-HJM badger and Omega bristle (or boar?) brushes
-and I'm totally in love with my new Dr Harris Sandalwood AS that arrived yesterday.

I also found a local pottery, asked if they'd make me a scuttle. We exchanged a couple of mails to discuss the specs, and now it is in the works.

The reason I came here is to find out what stuff you guys are mostly using, read some reviews, and when shopping online... please stop me, this is supposed to be cheaper than cartridge shaving, right?

(English is my 2nd language, please be tolerant)

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Hello and welcome. Great to have you here on B&B. That is a very nice set-up and a super-nice nice shaving bowl.


Here I am, 1st again.
Hello Hungarian!

Welcome to B and B.

Your introduction is in very good English. They certainly do a good job teaching folks to speak English there in Hungary!
Welcome my friend !...You have a very smart wife !..Yes,the enjoyment you get from a quality shave is addictive.There was a period in the 80's through 90's where I hated shaving,America had dumped almost all its shaving treasures.Then with the advent of the internet I was able to order great shaving products worldwide,and my pleasure in shaving returned.I know Hungary has produced very nice shave creams and aftershaves,did Hungary ever produce straight razors ?,,,,Have fun here and enjoy the interesting posts.
Welcome to B&B's incredible site, from a Texas B&B member! Your wife is indeed a wise lady. You will find many useful tips and advice on the forum's pages, and forum members' comments.


Rest in Peace
szekelya; Your English is fine, My compliments to anyone who can speak (and write) more than one language! If the scents you have are aftershaves, a good place to write about them is in our "Aftershaves" forum.
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