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Hi from a new member

Hi all,
I'm new to wet shaving but I'm giving it a try. I figure it will be fun and maybe I'll get a better shave than I can get now. (I use a mach3 and then an electric to touch up the trouble spots like my jawline). I just received my Taylor's Lavender from QED and am still waiting on my badger brush and Merkur HD.

I'd like to know where I can go to get good first timers instructions on using the brush/shaving cream and the razor--I'd like to minimize the bleeding. I've read through a lot of the forums and there's lot's of interesting stuff and I've learned a lot but what's the best way to start for an absolute beginner?

Anyway you seem like a great bunch, so it's been fun to stumble onto this site.

Glad to see another gent joining the growing legions of (sound the trumpets!) Wet Shavers! As a source of first-timer info, there is the ever popular B&B Shaving DVD with free squeaky tripod effects.:001_smile There are the ever present "Newbie" threads. There is the Pictorials and Videos Forum filled with informative essays! Then there is the opportunity to ask a question, whether in the General Forum or a more specific forum.
Hope that helps and once again WELCOME!:a50:

Welcome to B&B! If you ask pointed questions in the forum you will get lots of help. I also have a FAQ of sorts I would be happy to send you if you are interested - just drop me a PM.

Good luck, and more importantly, have fun!
Just what we need...another Jeff! :bored:


Welcome to the boards. You'll have a good time here and learn a lot! Be sure to ask questions, and let us know how things are going!

Randy (one of many Randy's on the forum!)
Thanks for the warm welcome everybody.
My razor and brush came yesterday. When I pulled them out of the box the first thing my wife said was, "Don't shave your face off." And I'll admit I was a little intimidated. Once, I put the blade in it didn't look so bad though.

I tried it out this morning and other than my brush smelling a bit like a wet dog it was pretty fun. No major bleeding and a decent shave. I imagine with a bit of practice I'll get to the baby's bottom level of smoothness. Plus the brush and chrome razor look great in my cabinet.

As far as getting started I found the FAQ that Scotto sent very helpful (thanks Scotto!) and this article seemed good too: http://www.coreygreenberg.com/shaving.html

Jeff, welcome to the family my bro! You're a member of a very illustrious group that women love, respect and admire!!
Best wishes!

Montreal, Canada
Hey Jeff,

Welcome aboard.

Don't worry about the brush smell. It will quickly fade and begin to faintly smell like whatever cream/soap you use most often.
WELCOME TO THE FORUM. TIP #1 NO PRESSURE #2 DON'T SHARE RAZOR WITH WIFE ( 1 LEG = ABOUT 20 FACES = U GETTIN CUT ) . be patient it gets better and better . ERIC
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