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Hi everyone!

Hi everyone,

I've been lurking on here for a few years now, and I've finally decided to sign up to the site.

So like everyone it seems, I decided to ditch the modern Gillette system as it was too expensive and not that good really.

After reading online and spending a fair bit of time on here I bought a Merkur razor, Merkur blades, and Feather blades, along with some Prorasso Green shaving soap.

The Merkur/Dovo blades were rubbish, and the Feather blades were really sharp, but I decided to order loads of different types, and loads more different soaps to try out.

I settled, somewhat ironically, that the best blades for my face are the Gillette 7 O' Clock black blades, and the Silver Blue ones. There's no escaping the mighty Gillette it seems!


More Deep Thoughts than Jack Handy
7 O'clock Black and Silver Blue blades are, generally, well liked. Welcome aboard!

Happy Shaves!
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