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Hi everyone!

Hi Everyone!

My name is Lóri, I'm from Hungary, 27 yo, and new to wetshaving. I've been using electric razors all my life. I never liked to shave. For me it was a waste of time, I was like "oh let's get over with it". Not to mention the irritation which I always had after shaving. But everything has changed when I had a chat with my friend, who introduced me to the world of wetshaving.
Last month I bought everything for my starter kit:
- a simple plastic bowl
- Balea Men brush and Balea men shaving cream
- Axe Africa and Gentlemans Pride aftershave
- and of course: the razor. It's a Lord L111, which was 1,4 $. It's a simple razor, all plastic with a metal head. It came with a Lord Super Chrome blade.
After learning the basics of wetshaving, and watching a lot of youtube tutorials, I had my first shave which I really enjoyed. It took longer than usual, but I was happy with the result.
I still have a lot to learn. Especially on how to make a good lather. But I'm sure i'll find answeres for my questions here on B&B :001_302:
Welcome to Badger and Blade.
It sounds like you are taking a thoughtful approach as you get started...well done. The shaves should get better and a bit faster as you progress.
Welcome to the B&B..
We're glad you're here and we really hope you didn't come here to try and save money on shaving.
We're friendly and full of advice.. mostly on how to spend your money...

Our house is your house
Nuestra casa es su casa
Notre maision est votre maison
Taigh againn tha taigh agaibh
Thank you guys for the kind words, I'm sure I'll learn a lot here :001_rolle
@YKMV I'll take every advice, especially before I buy something :001_302:
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