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Hi everyone : I'm new on here.

Hi guys, I'm new here.

i have used a Merkur futur for about 9 years, along with a synthetic Men-u brush. I like most guys thought I knew enough about our daily male ritual, apparently not. I watched geofatboy on you tube regarding 3 pass shave techniques. Wow, suddenly my razor I knew worked wonders. I have since purchased a Dovo Best quality straight razor., that I use at the week end. A Merkur 933 travel razor for my holiday that's coming up. I actually prefer the 933 to my Merkur futur. A Wee Scott Simpson shave brush. & numerous new creams.

when I search the net for new shave item reviews I found a lot of them are here, hence why I am now here. So again hi, thanks for listening to me waffle on & look forward speak to you guys soon.

take care Jay
Greetings Jay! Welcome to Badger and Blade. Good to have you with us. You can learn a lot here. Enjoy the ride.
Welcome! I am new as well and have learned a lot here so far. DE shaving is old skool, but in this case it certainly seems to be a good thing.
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