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Hi All!

Just wanted to say Hi to everyone and that this is a great site that I happened to stumbled across!

The info here is fantastic..and I have been trying out wet shaving for the past few weeks and it really does make a difference in the quality of shave on your face....versus the old can of foam shaving method.
Thanks all!
Welcome! Why not post some details of your equipment, to help the other new folks around here out?
Welcome! You might enjoy joining in posting with the Shave of the Day Group.. Gives you the opportunity to show your stuff and see what everyone else is using to remove them tiny lil' hars that are growin' on their faces too! That was from a Bill Cosby comedy routine, but it is true. A great opportunity to pick up product and technique hints.
Thanks everyone for the welcome!

Right now using a Mach3 and a Van Der Hagen cheapie boar bristle brush and ClearlyNatural glycerine soap from a health food store.

For me what has made a difference in shaving is the info here that others have posted....hot water..different ways of holding the razor-the angle to the skin and glycerine soap.

The Mach3 was soso with standard shaving foam-did occasionally get nicks here and there but I have experienced a tremendous difference(close minus nicks) in the closeness of the shave with hot water+brush+glycerine soap. Also, one fellow here recommended holding the razor by the pommel?/edge of the handle to get a better cutting control and for me it works!

Right now am planning to upgrade to a Merkur HD and a Crabtree & Evelyn badger brush.

Thanks again!
A Merkur HD and such sound like some great choices. I'm sure that you'll enjoy them far better than your current set up. Welcome to the group!

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