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Hey shoe shine Man

"Go get your shine box".........what movie is this from?

Went and bought my son a pair of Addidas, the ones that are endorsed by goodyear, the soles are made from recylced rubber and they are made after oldschool driving shoes. Anyway...after 2 days of wear they are already scuffed up so I asked a shoe doc at the mall and he advised I purchase some white shoe polish but before I apply he said I should clean them with alcohol. I was suprised at how well it cleaned the shoes and was curious if this is a chemical some people actually use to clean there soft leather shoes?
saddle soap is the stuff that I have used for years....soft soft brush..usually a toothbrush. Coat your tootbrush with a bit of the soap and apply to the area to be cleaned. I have a spray bottle of water and then spray the area and start scrubbing the area lightly. It is usually a low foam soap.

When done spray off with water and wipe clean. Let the shoes dry naturally. Then polish.

This is what I have done for years, my friend.

Any questions ???

Best Regards,

Mark Easter
And it works on leather, sued, rubber or whatever type material shoes might be made of. Ive been using that crap in a spray can and it is not that great.
We have a winner................

Its not verbatum but I thought we could do with out the word I left out..lol
i think that for now on my posts would be better if i responded with images instead of text....

here is an oldie but a goodie from the early days of Badger and Blade.....back when I had less the 6000 posts....

It was a fun time back then....the Barbershop was everything that wasn't shaving back then. Because of great folks like you the BS grew so big, we started to subdivide into what it is today. Each offspring of the BS has grown and grown. Folks come to BB for the shaving but they stay for what was happening down here.

I thought I would revive this old post just for fun.....thanks to all who has help make the BS and the offspring forums what it is today...
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