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hey look what I found...

First, let me say how great it was to stumble on this website. I have always loved to shave and it is great to find guys who dig it as well. :biggrin:

Last month my dad and I were cleaning out his garage and I found a box of (what I thought was) junk. He told me that it was stuff that was my grandfather's and that he really didn't know what was in the box. When I looked at into it there was a lot of junk but at the bottom I found what I believe to be a treasure: a 1959 Gillette "fat boy" adjustable. Seems to operate fine, but has soap grime and other cosmetic blemishes.

My question is what should I do to clean this up? I really want to use this razor, I think it will be a great momento of my grandfather and I am sure he would be thrilled that I'm using it.

Thanks in advance,
Welcome to B&B!
Great find! The best way to clean it is to soak in scrubbing bubbles - at least that's a start. You can search cleaning on this forum. MAAS is great for restoring shine to the nickel. You just want to go gently so that you don't accidentally damage the razor. Please take some before/after pics and post them here.
Thanks guys, and I will post pix. Other than the fact that this is my grandfather's, I really dig the fact that is a 1959 model, the year I was born. Goes well with the 1967 Bulova Accutron I have on right now. Kinda livin' in the past I guess
Welcome to B&B, Bill. As mentioned above, Scrubbing Bubbles is about the best cleanser for vintage razors since most of the gunk on them is basically soap scum. A brief 10 minute soak in rubbing alcohol, unless you have some Barbicide on hand, will sanitize it all you need. DO NOT boil as some may suggest. It is much to harsh a treatment and not necessary.
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