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Hey, Let's go BOWLing!

How do you like your soap? In a tub? Wooden Bowl? Stick form? Or Melted?

I like melted, and over the past few months have decided on two containers that I prefer to use:


The package on the left are Anchor Hocking Bowls, 1 cup size, 4 for $5.92 at Wal Mart, and the package on the right contains Pyrex Bowls, 2 cup size, 3 for $4.99 at Target.

Just like learning to use a DE, there is also a learning curve in melting soaps!


Above is a 5 oz. QED Lavender tub I melted into a 1 cup bowl. This has been used several times, so it is not quite as full as when I started. The problem with this, just like using soap that comes in a wooden bowl, is the lack of work room.


Above is a comparison of a QED 2 oz. Pitchouli/Tea Tree/Peppermint Shave Stick and the QED 5 oz.Lavender, both in one cup bowls.


On the left, 2 oz B&B Shave Stick, on the right, 5 oz QED Lavender tub, now melted into a 2 cup bowl. Now I have room to work the lather in the soap container...


Or I can use my mixing bowl, and yes, it is a real stainless steel mixing bowl. Warms up nicely, easy to use and clean, and can be floated in a sink of hot water or in a hot pot.


Here is a comparison of bowls I have used to work my lather in.


I've melted a few soaps over time. Back row, from left to right: Classic Almond, Classic Lime and QED Sandalwood. Middle row, left to right, QED Patchouli/TeaTree/Peppermint, Col. Conk's Amber, QED Peppermint. Front row, staggered from left to right, QED B&B Soap in the small container and QED Lavender in the large container. Thanks to Scotto for the idea of peeling the labels off of the QED Shave Sticks and applying them to new lids.
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Great Pix!

I like the Anchor Hocking 6 oz glass bowls for the shave sticks; they have flared sides that I like when lathering.


I looked for those at Target. I believe they call them custard bowls? Anyway, they were out of stock. I do like your idea of peeling the label and adhering it to the lid. I'm stealing that idea (but you will notice I gave you credit!)!

Those flared sides should make using a large brush much easier!

Very nice work, Randy! I was looking for a solution to my soon to be growing collection of soaps. I will probably be stealing your ingenious idea. However, will this "melt down" thing work with hard soaps like Trumpers or Taylor's?


It is my understanding that after cutting your "hard" soaps into small pieces, that by using a double boiler you can melt them down. Personally, I don't recommend it. I don't think it will be worth the effort, and I think you will waste good soap. I tried melting a cake of Williams Mug Shave Soap, and it bubbled up and looked ugly. Based on that experience, I would not risk ruining a cake of soap.

Thanks Randy.
I won't mess with the hard soaps. I think I will just get an appropriatley sized mug or bowl and use hot water on the soap until it "fuses" with said mug or bowl.


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