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Hey all

I’ve recently come back to the light following 30 years as a loyal Sensor Excel guy.
I did start out in my youth with a DE safety razor handed down from my father. It was a gold-colored Gillette TTO that I wish I still had. I think he got it from his father, so probably dated to sometime from the 30s-50s.
I picked up the CVS/ Bailie TTO for next to nothing to get my technique back. Took me about a month. Having fun trying out all the blades, although now I’ve rediscovered my technique I’m finding them all to be very similar.
A sub-$20 faux-ivory Vie Long horse hair brush is proving to be fantastic and the Trufitt & Hill sandalwood shaving soap is equally as great.
I do have sensitive skin and Proraso white pre-shave has been a godsend.
I’ll stick with the Bailie for another few months, it’s been perfectly fine, but I’m looking for a faux-ivory handle for my next razor. To me it’s always been the classic look. The Parker 111w seems a bit aggressive, so it may be the Edwin Jagger. I’m originally from the North of England, so more than happy to support a Sheffield-based company.
Welcome to B&B from a fellow northerner. The Edwin Jagger is a good tool capable of providing many great shaves, despite the fact some people tend to view it as a "starter" razor. Also, I've found the after sales service provided by EJ to be very good; the company stands behind its products, unlike some others.
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