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Heute Shoeshine Machine

Funny thing happened today that I thought worth sharing. I follow some shoe related sites on Instagram and a suggested user of Heute Shoe Shine machines comes across my feed. I assume it’s a German company from the name and figure it’s an over engineered product, lol. I go the site and google around some and see the prices for these machines are on the expensive side. Not something I’m willing to spend on a whim as it were. I decide to do a quick eBay search and lo and behold there’s a machine for $49 usd plus shipping with a best offer option. I throw in an offer of $39 and it’s accepted so for a total of less than $65 shipped I’m getting one of these machines to try out. A bargain compared to somewhere around 700 euros.

I’d love to hear your thoughts or experience with this item. Thanks.

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The video on Heute's website is impressive - a gravity die cast shell for the housing - aerospace grade work! I'm so addicted to manual brushing and polishing of my shoes that I probably wouldn't use one of these. However, for $60 I still might buy one just becuase it's such a great piece of engineering! Keen to hear how it performs.
Appears you got a German-built automated boot maintenance-station for a song!
I just hope the electrical system matches your country's.
And that you can find the creme-polish dispenser refills.
What's really surprising is that you found one in the U.S. at all...at any price!
It works and the cream is available on Amazon! It’s in nice shape and just needs a little tlc cleanup.

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