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Hermessence Poivre Samarcande - liquid gold...

I received a sample of this cologne from Hermes and tried it today.

Crushed green peppercorns with a lasting dry, woody essence. This is definitely a man's scent and while being subtle enough to be a daily scent, it still continues to insist on being unique enough to get those "ughh?!" reactions from the ladies, while they say, "I really like it!" It's strange and exotic while still being peculiarly somehow familar.

Not much changing throughout the day... just the consistent scent from the initial application. Some folks have complained that the scent did not wear very long for them, but I have found that 11 hours later and I can still continue to pick up the fragrance.

At 200 bucks a bottle and only available at the boutique stores in a walk-in or call-in basis, this is not a scent that everyone is going to be wearing.

If you appreciate Hermes' fragrances that seem to be unique without being overbearing, this is another scent that you will comfortable.

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