HERMES and other goodies today!

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    Hi all,

    While searching for Razors, I found a 95% full (100ml) bottle of vintage (made in France) Hermes 24 Faubourg Eau de Parfum for twelve dollars! YES! I don't know for sure how old this bottle is however, the Parfum is VERY strong and smells wonderful! The bottle came without it's cap and no box. No biggie. Of late, I've been finding dozens of bottles of Cologne/Perfume/Aftershave on the cheap, mostly ten dollars for a dozen! However, I wasn't about to argue (too much) the price on a nearly full bottle of Hermes EdP. I did manage have the seller come down on the price by three dollars from fifteen dollars to twelve dollars. No doubt this bottle of Hermes will sit along side my TOP SHELF Fragrances. I dear say that this Parfum is THE strongest Fragrance in my collection and should require no more than two sprays at most. The bottle is pretty cool as well. Hermès 24 Faubourg - Part I: The Glorious Vintages (EDT/EDP) - Kafkaesque

    In addition to purchasing the Hermes, I found FIVE Razors today!
    1). A beautiful condition GEM Jr.

    2). three Gillette Ball Ended Handle type Razors (Old and New me thinks).
    I'm in the process of soaking/cleaning them before I research/date code/I.D. .

    3). one rather unique (I thought Gillette) but appears to be a 1925 OC Ball Ended SPEEDWAY. Ummmm. All in all, a pretty good day. Oooh, also found a sweet little SAK with a beautiful quality Leather sheath for $1.99

  1. Nice finds. I’m a big fan of Hermes frags.
  2. Hi @vanacres , thanks. I too am quickly becoming a Hermes fan!


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