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Here's What Works For An Anglo-Saxon

First of all, a bit of background.

I am an American of British birth and ancestry (as you can probably ascertain by my signature). I have neither a Middle-Eastern wire beard, nor do I have a whispy Asian beard.

In short, I am a blond man with a copper beard that is rapidly going grey. I can hardly wait for it to go totally white, for I really do like the Robert E. Lee look! I am of Roman, Anglo-Saxon, Viking descent and possess a dollop of Scottish blood.

In other words, I am a Northern European.

I would best describe my beard on a scale of "2" to "3". I can shave and not look terrible 24 hours later. However, my beard is very uniform and consistent.

The following is what works very well for me:

1. Derby Extra blade in a 1957 Gillette Tech.

2. Gillette 7 o'clock (green) in a long-comb U.S. NEW.

3. Haven't quite figured out yet if a Gillette 7 o'clock (green) or an Isreali Crystal in a long-comb British NEW is best, but am still working on it. Both of them seem to do very well!

Tonight, I did the Derby Extra in a Gillette Tech, some Proraso (Bigelow) cream, followed up with some AV Ice Blue AS and had a very close and pleasant shave.

Hard to go wrong with a Gillette Tech. You really do have to TRY to cut yourself with one of these!

Warmest Regards,

David Lane-Heatherington

P.S. Yes, I do have a sister named Penny, born years before the Beatles song came out!
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