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Here's to a good morning.

Today is the first day off I have had in weeks. I worked the past nineteen days in a row. I'm an electrician, so my work is physically demanding, and I have been working long hours. My shaves have nor suffred form this, but I have not had the time to give myself the luxury shave that we all strive for. Until today.

I have the weekend off. Much needed! My shaves as of late have been about every other day, and at 410 in the morning. My go to soaps for days like this are tabac, and Proras, with varreying aftershaves depending on my mood, and or my shave. typically, tabac, aqua velva, osage rub, dominican bay rum, and someitmes old spice. My usual set up has been my Bull mastiff, with the new Style head and a feather. Nothing shabby about any of that mind you.

Today I slept in, went out for breakfast, got my truck detailed, mailed off some packages to B&B menbers, and and almost skipped my shave. But I didn't. Today I broke out my Toggle, a feather, my puck of Penhaligons B&B, and Musgo Real after shave splash, and went only for a DFS. (Damn Fine Shave)

The point to this post. I'm not sure. I just wanted to share that after weeks of constantly being on the go, I was able to sit back, relax, take some time out of my day, and enjoy one of the simpler pleasures in my life today.
I am happy that you had some time for yourself at last!

Taking a rest is a good thing...

Happy shaving!
I've found that since I started this DE adventure I'm waking up earlier having a coffee and a nice relaxing shave. I used to run out the door buttoning up my shirt. 4am is wild though, good for you to take some personal time. Lord knows we all need it.
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